The digital world has changed the landscape of many industries (online magazines, case and point), from the way we shop to how we get our news, much of what we do is in front of a computer. Even hiring a designer now, can be done digitally, and is being offered at different levels so really anyone can now have their own personal design professional for any project, small or large.

Now, there’s an even bigger development in the online interior design service industry – one that had us saying “of, course, why didn’t we think of that?!” Decorist’s Design Bar is a new service that allows you to ask any burning questions you might have about your space without committing to a full design project. This is especially helpful if you are just doubting what rug size you should go for, or if you want a summer pillow refresh but aren’t sure which style would go with your sofa.

Much like the Apple store’s Genius Bar, the Design Bar offers great and quick solutions to your smaller design questions. Just upload an inspiration image, type out your question and your budget, and a top designer will answer your query with answers or product options within 24 hours. And many of these designers are at the top of their game, Celerie Kemble was on the bar just a few weeks ago, as was Paloma Contreras. Stay tuned, because on May 24th, Lauren Geremia will be taking over!

So, you’re now wondering how much this is going to cost you. Right? For the next 6 weeks, it’s completely free! And after that each question will cost you just $29 – that’s less than what you’d probably spend on an impulse buy that is all wrong for your space.