Beyond style and decor, the materials we use in our homes have a significant impact on their overall design. Most homeowners are aware of the vast world of countertops and have deep preferences once they get to make that choice. But we often forget that that natural stone and porcelain can be a part of the look of other rooms – living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms… Great design involves sometimes thinking out of the box but making sure that those decisions feel natural to the overall space.

Like an obnoxiously long menu, the options of where to source materials for our projects can create a paradox of choice – as social theorist Barry Schwartz argues, too much of it can leave us feeling unhappy. Which is why finding a singular brand that has done the research and development to give you quality product and styles is key. Levantina, a company of Spanish origin, is one of the industry’s leaders in this regard. They offer an array of products such as their selection of natural stone and their porcelain worktop line Techlam Top. When you go to visit one of their Stone Centers (they have showrooms in Dallas, Austin, Atlanta, Chicago, and Charlotte) you get the sensation of being a kid in a candy store, although with only the best gourmet candies on display.

Although when it comes to selecting materials for your projects, whether you are thinking about your bathroom vanity or kitchen countertops, it’s important to know that not all are created equal. Certain stones, for example, have higher porosity and if not properly treated can etch and deteriorate quickly. Porcelain materials, like Techlam Top, are the product of intense research and development to provide you with a durable alternative (you can basically do anything to it and it will look the same) to natural stone. Brands at the top of their game like Levantina, do the research beforehand to provide you only with products that suit your project. The key is to consider its look, its functionality and then see how that can work for your design.

There are many ways to use porcelain and stone in your spaces, we’re sharing 7 different examples to help inspire and give you tips on what to use when.