Dark hues have become an increasingly popular design statement over the past few years. We have seen anything from charcoal wall colors, to black lacquer bookshelves, and navy velvet sofas. But even if we love this decor choice and have been thinking about trying it in our own spaces, it has its risks. We wonder whether it will it look right in our home and whether we will I get tired of it.

We may not be able to answer both those questions for you individually but we can assure you that if you are keen on giving dark hues a try, there are a few ways to incorporate it into your home according to various levels of intensity. You can reap all of the rewards without having to take a big plunge.

We think that best way to give your home a graphic edge with a dark hue with the least risk is to go for a gallery wall with black frames. The bold lines created by the frames will anchor your space. If you are willing to go a step further, upholstery is always a great option. Often we associate black, gray or blue furniture with masculine design, but you can easily give these pieces a feminine touch by layering light patterned pillows and throws. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about dark denim stains or spilt drinks. Finally, if you love dark hues because they are dramatic, try painting a guest bathroom a dark blue or slate color. With the right lighting, you can turn a small boring space into a conversation piece when guests come over.

We love the impact of moody hues and have even tried them in our own homes (take a look at Crystal’s San Fran apartment). To help inspire your next decor project, we’ve put together a few of our favorite spaces with dark colors.