Though my design aesthetic tends to be classic, I’m finding myself gravitating to modern design more and more these days- or better yet, to the visual relief created when a modern touch brings a breath of fresh air to a space.

While I’m currently knee deep in what I like to call the “newlywed nesting phase,” I’ve been scouring virtual showrooms for a few key modern pieces for our home makeover (yes, I’ll be revealing the finished project right here in due time). I find that the best way to bring an updated, current vibe to your space is with a modern statement piece. Though you can achieve this by updating your lighting, hanging contemporary art pieces, or adding edgy materials like lucite into your home, my favorite way is by simply swapping in a few sleek seating options (in my signature color black, no less!). Here’s the options at the top of my wishlist:

1. Because this low back ‘Mart’ lounge chair by B&B Italia is just as beautiful from the profile as it is the front, it’s the perfect option for a sitting area that’s accessed from the side.

2. I adore the slatted back and retro vibe of this Mercedes Chair by Arteriors. I’d buy it as a pair and round out a sofa with two of these!

3. I love the versatility of the indoor-outdoor Colima Chair by Palecek. Plus, it’s just the right scale for city living so it makes for great additional seating to accommodate guests when entertaining in a cozy space. The fact that my husband designed it? The icing on the cake!

4. I’m a big fan of the traditional wingback chair, and even more so when it has a modern twist like this! The Hamilton Chair by Bo Concept is equal parts classic and edgy and works perfectly for a living room or home office.

5. The Lama Outdoor Lounger by Zanotta is currently at the very top of my wishlist! I’d break the rules and place this beauty indoors to create a hip little reading nook in my living room.