Some may look at the latest from Croft House and consider it neutral. After all, Croft House has long emphasized the beauty of simplified form and interesting details over splashy colors.

Yet for founders, Alex Segal and Riley Rea, this collection was really about stretching beyond their earlier work. They say, “We used this line of furniture as an opportunity to diversify our collection and continue to build on our use of leather. We’ve really enjoyed incorporating more color and texture, so you’ll see the imagery itself, beyond the new pieces, reflects that as well.”

Leather offered a way to stay true to the Croft House roots while also adding new layers of richness to their designs. “The leather is a simple outlet for color for us. The natural materials we use tend to be in a more subdued range, so dyed leather and playing with materials in new ways allowed us to incorporate color naturally.”

The back straps of the Sierra Chair in particular caught our eye, but Alex and Riley say the piece they’ve really fallen in love with is the Spaulding Credenza. “Walnut on walnut trends too mid-century for us, but shaping the material with clean lines and our simplistic steel base gave it new life in our eyes. Many people, including us, do a walnut faced credenza framed in white casing. Removing the white casing and allowing the walnut to be the lighter material in the piece, contrasted with the matte black base, gave the walnut a beachier tone than we are used to seeing on that material.”

And if you love the look of this collection but want to make some tweaks, Croft House offers custom furniture as well. And it’s all manufactured right in Los Angeles.

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