We can’t count the number of times we’ve had questions about creating a perfect gallery wall- either from readers or in our own homes!! It can be tricky to hang ONE print perfectly, adding multiple can be a recipe for disaster and total frustration. Luckily, the team at framed & matted is here to save the day with a few crucial tips.

If you haven’t met framed & matted yet, they just might be your new best friend. Founders Chrissy & Matt Droessler wanted to “give people the tools to create a great visual experience in their home.” By offering custom framing at up to 70% off, they’re doing just that. You can even order frame & mat samples before you decide on a style, and they’ll be there to help every step of the way. Talk about a lifesaver! So, whether you’ll be ordering all new frames or using what you’ve got, follow these easy steps for a perfect gallery wall:

1. Frame Arrangement: Lay out the frames on the floor to determine your desired composition.

2. Create paper cutouts of your frames: lay your frames out on paper, trace around the outside, and cut out the shapes. Note which cutout goes with which frame.

3. Locate hook location: Hold the wire taught and measure from the top edge to the center point of the wire. Make a mark on the cutout where the hook catches the wire.

4. Tape cutouts to the wall, with painters/masking tape, mimicking the arrangement on the floor.  If you do not like how it looks on your wall, repeat step 1 and then skip to step 4.

5. Final details: Adjust cutouts until all pieces are lined up exactly as you like.

6. Hammer the hooks in where indicated on the paper, remove the cutouts, and hang frames.

Voila! You have the perfect gallery wall, no re-nailing or measuring needed.

Psst… need help choosing frames? Be sure to head over to framed & matted for all of your high quality (and affordable!!) framing needs.