We’re big fans of finding ways to make the absolute most of your home… whether it’s learning how to organize an open concept floor plan or a savvy trick to make your small space seem bigger. And speaking of small spaces… many of us who reside in one realize that outdoor space is just as valuable as indoor. So, when we saw Jessie Miller’s innovative balcony, it was love at first sight.

Jessie has a gorgeous apartment in St. Louis, and the style seeps right out the door to her small-yet-chic balcony space. It’s filled with gorgeous furniture, vibrant color, and statement patterns that make our hearts skip a beat. However, the real wow-factor is the artificial grass she used to cover up the concrete. It gives the space a lawn like feel, perfect for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city at the end of the long day.

This is also a great trick for those with very small backyards who aren’t keen on lawn maintenance, or who have a rooftop that needs a little sprucing. Yes, it’s bold… but the result is totally glam. Would you try it?

Image originally appeared as part of our September 2014 issue here