It’s getting mega-cold and frankly the weather is so dreary… only the promise of a night out at a meatball focused restaurant will make us leave our homes. That means that we have to do something about our place to make it feel cozier. Maybe that means finding a few items that will make the next movie night that much more snug, with the softest bathrobe that money can buy or a blanket that is big enough for two. Or, it could mean setting up your apartment to feel super welcoming when you have a few of your closest friends over on a Thursday night. For that, we’ve found an array of goods that will warm up your space: a scented candle with a price and smell you’ll fall hard for, a knit pillow that brings new meaning to flopping down on the sofa, and a bottle of red that’s great on its own or served with a meal.

We’ll be picking up a few of these for ourselves this month. And the best thing? We won’t even have to put our jackets on.

Shop Rue: 1. Wine Glasses // 2. Throw // 3. Bathrobe // 4. Slippers // 5. Wine // 6. Tea // 7. Candle // 8. Pillow