It seems like more and more people are able working from home – or at the very least, pursuing their passions after their 9-5. While working from the sofa (or bed!) sounds dreamy, it’s actually pretty terrible on your back and really detrimental to productivity. Having a dedicated workspace is crucial!

Anthony Gianacakos, a fabulous New York designer, found a solution in his small Spanish Harlem apartment – and it’s one that you could easily set up in your home. Anthony removed the doors to his closet and placed the desk in the nook. He left the interior walls of the closet painted white, offering nice contrast, and hung up a mood board to inspire his current projects. (You can see the full image here.) While, admittedly, this isn’t ideal if you desperately need that space for your sweaters… it’s wonderful if the closet is rarely used and you want to maximize the layout of your home. It would also work well in a hall closet, allowing you to keep the hallway functional but have your office set up.

Is this an option in your home, and if so – would you ever try it?

Image originally appeared as part of our February/March 2013 issue here.