There are very few shortcuts that exist to make your home look editorialized. Most of the spaces that you see on Rue are designed by professional interior designers with considerable budgets. Another important thing to remember is that if the canvas that you start with (that’s the physical space itself, with all of its architectural details) doesn’t have any sophistication or character, then even with the right furnishings or accessories, it will be difficult to achieve an elevated look.

However, there is one way that you can add architectural interest to your house or apartment — contrasting trim. You may be stuck with a boxy room or an old home that could use an update. We suggest heading to your local paint store and changing the color of your baseboards, doors, doorframes, and window frames. Just remember that in this case, it’s best to stick to neutral tones: light gray, beige, charcoal, slate… bright tones like kelly green or sunflower yellow can have the opposite effect.

Check out our slideshow to see five examples of how it can make a big visual impact in your home.