When it comes to beautiful interior design, many people first look at sofas, rugs, or lighting. But, for art-lovers, this is more than a bit backwards. “You’re missing out on an amazing design opportunity if art is treated as an afterthought,” says Mat Sanders, co-founder of Consort Design. So, the LA design studio decided to team up with Tappan Collective — an online resource that connects buyers with emerging, cutting edge artists. Mat explains, “We decided to invite Tappan to curate our space and shine light on the conversation between art and interior design.”

The exhibit, cheekily titled CONSORT LOVES TAPPAN, will run for 8 weeks and features bold artwork alongside Consort’s unique wares. (For a comparison, take a tour of the space before the exhibit showed up.) And for our readers outside of California, don’t be bummed if you can’t make it to Melrose to shop these hand-selected works from Tappan Collective. You’ll find it all for sale at consort-design.com.