It seems like every shade of pink has been hitting the product market. From blushes, to peaches, to a bubblegum pink (also known as Millennial Pink), we just can’t get enough. And that’s because products in these shades sell out. Quickly. NY Magazine attributes it to the fact that it’s becoming a gender neutral color, in a time when sexuality and gender is seen as more fluid. Others, consider it an extension of the pastel craze that surged in 2010, or perhaps it was inspired by Scandinavian design.

We, however, like it in interiors for its bold and unexpected quality. Blues, grays, even yellows are colors more often seen in interiors but we love the energetic jolt of Millennial Pink in a space. The PNY Restaurant in the Marais in Paris, by CUT Architectures is a perfect example of how Millennial Pink is a modern color, shedding its retro past. It works very well contrasted with a normally industrial material like metal. Mixed with wood and some more organic neutrals the energetic quality of Millennial Pink is balanced, making it a fun tone for your home, a restaurant or an office.