At Rue, we can’t decide what we love better- a neutral interior, or one that is saturated with rich color. It’s a debate that we will never be able to conclude. But in honor of the warm weather and the bright sun that we’ve been craving all year, we’re bringing you the best in colorful interiors. These four color combinations are fool proof and are our among our favorites. Color is something that is so personal, but there are some pairings that are generally better than others. Besides the examples above, here are a few ways to get color right when it comes to decorating:

1. If you are going for a bold color, balance it out with rich natural textures (i.e. linens, leather, unvarnished wood).

2. Analogous colors (or those that are similar to each other on the color wheel) work best together. In other words if you love orange, work in hints of ochre or peach. Muted purples and blues are the perfect combination to create a soothing environment.

3. When in doubt start with a foundation of gray. No other tone can make color as sophisticated as gray can. If you know that you want to integrate a bold hue but you haven’t found the right pieces yet, start with a canvas of light gray or slate walls.

We hope that this has helped a few of your decorating dilemmas. Share with us on instagram your colorful interiors and we will repost our favorite! Just tag the image @ruemagazine.