Some things will always be timeless, and a thin stripe is a design classic that is as important in fashion as it is in interior design. Most of us have seen a punctuating striped armchair or a quietly luxurious striped headboard, and many of us own a striped shirt in our closet. But when you take a classic and reinvent it, that’s when things get interesting. We were taken by this modernized preppy outfit from Truly Smitten – these metallic shorts are the perfect piece to switch up any basic (white tee, silk blouse, cotton shirt). But lucky for those of us who love fashion and interiors, this look works just as well in interior design. Here’s how it works:

1. A strong structure – true style success lies in an outfit or room’s basic foundation. Before we talk about tone, pattern or color, we need to get the lines right. Although most of this room is white, the moldings around the windows and along the walls create architectural interest and sophistication. This makes the rest of the decorating process a lot easier. Similarly, Sarah Kim-Puangsuvan’s shorts have a crisp cuff and crease as an important tailored foundation.

2. Relaxed stripes – there are few things more inviting for bedding than soft, clean striped sheets. There’s something mystical about them that remind us of simpler days; we’re ready to dive in head first and just unwind. A striped shirt also has the mysterious quality of looking good on everyone. If you are worried that you don’t have the ability to put together a stylish outfit, white pants and a striped shirt will always be a sartorial success.

3. Silver makes the difference – now that we have a solid foundation and some stylish stripes, let’s add a bit of metallic to make it all that much more interesting. For interiors there’s no better finish than polished nickel (hint: it’s generally a more contemporary option than brass). In the same way, these metallic shorts play with a popular style trend that has been seen all over the runway – textured metallics.