After opening their first showroom in San Francisco twenty years ago, followed by several years away from the city, Cisco Home has just opened a new showroom in San Francisco’s design district. We spoke with founder Cisco Pinedo about their seventh location.

Welcome back! Once you decided to re-open in San Francisco, what was the process for designing the store?
Our first steps were figuring out a way to get back in the design district and then find a building that had the right architecture for our brand. Our focus has always been to embrace the space and bring our DNA into it, not change the character of the space.

What is your inspiration as a designer?
My inspiration is definitely always nature and my curiosity to figure out what to do with materials and objects that others have discarded. I find beauty in materials that are not heavily engineered have somehow have been formed through the exposure of nature.

I think my style is definitely focused on comfort and embracing a relax way of living. I believe that an over designed spaces creates too much chaos, when we already have enough activities in our day-to-day life.

Congratulations on the new location. Any other exciting projects in the works?
Our focus is to continue to develop product for the home that embraces sustainability and craftsmanship, while always making sure that we are using materials that are good for our health and environment!