Last week, we introduced you to The Pure Company, the healthy living brand (with an all-female team!) that is changing the air and water purification game. We have been using their large air purifier for about a month and absolutely loving it. 

If you’re still on the fence about bringing an air purifier into their home, check out their portable option! It’s sleek in design and compact in size, allowing you to bring fresh air and aromatherapy wherever you go. It’s perfect for a bathroom, bedside table, office or cubicle, even a hotel room thanks to the traveling case that comes with it. (No more packing travel candles and matches… we’ll be getting our calming aromatherapy on with lavender essential oil next time we travel for business!)

One thing we loved about the portable purifier — aside from the filter-less ionization that helps clean the air and eliminate odors, allergies and pollution — is the ability to customize it with designer wraps. It’s an obvious addition for an aesthetic-focused brand. The Pure Company’s own Interior Designer Jamie Ley curated the collection of wraps so that they would fit any style and space, and you’ll find everything from marble to floral to snakeskin. 

The wraps are quite easy-to-apply (it’s a one-person job), and the removable adhesive means if you decide you want to go back to the white base, or change it up for something more noteworthy, you can do so quickly and easily. Start the slideshow for a look!