It’s beginning to look a lot like… the best December ever?! With these picks from CB2’s holiday decor collection, we think so. While we love the decorations that were passed down year after year, it’s a lot of fun to pick out a few new ones as you build your own holiday traditions.

As expected, CB2 is giving the season the sparkle it deserves and embracing all things metallic – like these Silver Stockings which you can hang by the chimney with care. Then, add a little bit of metallic flair to your tree with this Rose Gold Ball Garland. It will look great alongside that ornament you made in 2nd grade… we promise! Of course, what would the holidays be without a shoutout to the big guy in red? This Disco Gnome brings cheer to any situation but won’t eat all the cookies in the middle of the night.

If you’re entertaining, the Acrylic Folding Table will be your best friend. It can be an impromptu bar or appetizer station – or just help you eat dinner while watching Love Actually from the sofa. And don’t let the festivities damage your furniture! The Cork Coasters and Gold Windows Placemat add style while keeping champagne cocktail condensation at bay. As for the Wood Penguins? Well, we’re pretty sure those have a space in your home all year round. So cute!

Tell us – do you like getting new holiday decor each year, or do you prefer to rely on pieces you’ve collected in years past?

Shop the Story: 1. Silver Stocking // 2. Cork Coasters // 3. Disco Gnome // 4. Acrylic Folding Table // 5. Wood Penguins // 6. Gold Windows Placemat /// 7. Rose Gold Ball Garland