“Casual elegance”, “laid-back luxe” — these are phrases that get thrown around more than any other these days in the design world. People want to feel comfortable but they want it to look good too. It’s a simple concept that has understandably gained traction! But it’s not often that a room or an outfit properly achieves the “casual” and the “elegance” in equal measure. We’ve found, however, such a rare pairing that finds just the right balance: this room by design company Maison Hand and this simple gray outfit. Here’s how they do it:

1. Sophisticated lines – if you want to make sure that the look remains elegant no matter how much comfort you inject, you have to make sure that you keep one essential item sophisticated. In this room, the molding sets the tone and for the outfit, while in the outfit, it’s the jacket serving as the elegant piece.

2. Certain fabrics are meant to be wrinkled – linen and cotton are exempt from the wrinkle-free rule. As long as your bed sheets aren’t a crumpled mess or your clothing item has been completely misshapen by the wrinkles, you’re good to go.

3. One avant-garde piece – add personality by including one classic avant-garde piece. If you can afford it, peruse the vintage stores for a Platner chair and if not, there are plenty of replica resources out there to source from. Equally, a well-made statement clutch can turn a boring outfit into a styled one.