Green tones as a whole are known to promote calm, a sense of well-being and peace. They lower our blood pressure, promote thoughtful thinking and make great tones for spaces that we want to relax in. That’s why, as those who appreciate these benefits this time of year, we’ve chosen Brunswick Green for our color of the month.

Reminiscent of the fresh air of an evergreen forest this dark shade of green is a great choice for interiors. We recommend it for a cozy bedroom, a stylish office or an entryway to make a bold statement. Originally developed in Germany (in Braunschweig) because it was a versatile neutral that aged well, Brunswick Green is easily paired with other colors and materials. Just like its initial creation, this tone can appear almost black or deep green depending on the way light hits it. So if you are looking for a color with complexity, we recommend this shade.

So what kind of appearances does Brunswick Green make in design? Beyond the shadowy gorgeousness of this cabin-style bedroom, think of the dark tones in malachite, an alluring velvet sofa, or elegant enamel. There are many ways of bringing this nature-inspired shade into your space, but for your inspiration, we’ve got a few products for you to peruse.

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