Last Friday we shared an interview with Amanda North, founder of Artisan Connect, about the inspiration behind her companyArtisan Connect offers beautiful and unique home décor items handmade by global artisans, providing them with market access so they may thrive. Today Amanda is back to showcase two different looks created by Artisan Connect products in the same home.

What inspired the looks you created in this shoot? 
What I love about the house is it’s mid-century modern. So the furniture selected by the owner is very clean and a little stark, actually, well suited to the style of the home. The basic palette is grays, whites, and neutrals — just screaming for the pop of what we bring- which is color, soulfulness, and the feeling of wonderful textures from around the world incorporated through pieces like an alpaca throw or a handwoven basket.

[The idea for this shoot] started with a shoot we did at my home. I sent it to one of our advisors and she said, “Beautiful picture but where’s the artisanal stuff?” I said, “There are six countries there,” and I walked her through them. That’s the point. Products from different regions and different aesthetics harmonizing beautifully, all telling stories about their makers.

Fair trade and handcrafted products aren’t always seen as high design, but this shows their possibilities.
We’ve carefully curated beautiful products that look totally appropriate in stylish contemporary homes and show our customers how they can mix and match in unexpected ways. Swapping out a few pillowsthrows or accent pieces can change the entire feeling of a room, as we demonstrate in these two views of the same room.

Let’s take a look at the two artisan interpretations of this home in the slideshow! And you can read more about Artisan Connect here