When we caught a glimpse of Brian Paquette’s Seattle home, we fell in love with the simple harmony of the space. Seemingly unrelated pieces came together to create a design that felt stylish but completely relaxed, a place where you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable kicking back on the sofa or setting your drink on a side table. As much as it seems effortless, if you have ever tried to recreate that kind of feel in your own home, it can be quite a challenge and even somewhat enigmatic. You might wonder how to tie the console you found at west elm in with the armoire that you inherited from your grandmother. Or how to repurpose that gorgeous silk indigo fabric you found on your trip to East Asia, in a way that fits with your modern design.

Unfortunately a lot of decorating comes down to intuition and good taste. But some things can definitely be learned. We think that these three key tricks can help get you started on creating a space that feels intentional while also comfortable. But one thing that is certainly important to remember as Brian himself mentions, is that you should let pieces ‘find’ you. Decorating, unlike other creative outlets, takes a lot of time and patience. Rushing the process will only leave you with an outcome that feels forced.

Share with us your favorite decorating tricks to create a casual but stylish space!