When it comes to interiors, the essential items (sofas, dining tables, and chairs) can seem quite ordinary and similar to those of other spaces you’ve seen. In order to personalize  a space, each one of us has to make some kind of statement, whether it’s a whimsical fabric on a settee or a large patterned area rug. One of our favorite ways to show our point of view, however, is to make a bold statement on an accent wall. Perhaps because vertical lines accentuate the amount of space you have, or perhaps because a blank canvas invites this kind of free expression, but bold walls can be one of the most enticing ways to let loose. At Rue, we are big fans of statement mirrors, gallery walls and bright curtains (not all at once, of course). We think that it’s important to invest in furniture that you will like over the years, often leading to safer choices, but when it comes to walls, we love a bold statement.

Follow these tips and inspiration to find the right way to personalize your space- something daring doesn’t always have to be over the top. A gallery wall can be a subtle way to create a graphic motif on a empty wall. If you are a fan of harmony, then keep your statement pieces symmetrical- similar bold mirrors or artwork can be displayed in balancing pairs. Whatever you decide expresses your personality the best, go for the highest quality possible (your most prizes artwork, lighting, or high grade fabric for curtains) to make sure that your statement remains sophisticated, not garish.

We’ve shown our 5 favorite ways to inject personality into a space. Which ones are yours?