Wallpaper’s comeback has been thoroughly cemented, but we still find ourselves delighted each time we find fresh collection that really has its own spin. Case in point? Our excitement over the collaboration of American-made lifestyle brand Mitchell Black and Nashville designer Lori Paranjape, of the eponymous firm Mrs. Paranjape Design + Interiors.

The collection features eight geometric and modern patterns and the best part is that Lori’s designs are stand-outs in either bold colors or neutrals. She says, “The collection’s color palette features both recognizable hues that are very much aligned to my ‘new classic’ aesthetic, such as Yves Blue and Signature Green, as well as a strong foundation of neutrals that are so versatile.”

Actually, there is just one thing that’s even better. The collection comes in residential and contract grade substrates including removable peel & stick vinyl, pre-pasted and unpasted paper and several commercial grade vinyl options. So for those of renting to those of you renovating restaurants, these patterns truly look good on everybody!

See some of our favorite color-pattern combinations in the slideshow!