Such an alluring pair, black and white seduce the best of us. Known to give off an unparalleled sophistication, it can make anything it touches look instantly fashion forward, as if Karl Lagerfeld designed it. With its transformative power not just limited to photography, we have the desire to bring it into our spaces. Of course, it’s all about knowing how to do it right.

In this month’s issue we featured a few projects that used black and white decor to perfection. Bianca Sotelo’s studio tour showed us that this combination is the ideal backdrop for creative thinking. She had a few bold black pieces of furniture that served as stylish display for her collection of books and objects. Then there was Jessie Miller’s St. Louis home that gave us a great updated traditional look on a black and white space that was completely high impact. To see how she works this color scheme to her favor, as well as a few other tips, check out our slideshow.