A winter “uniform” has very similar principles to designing a room. You know what works on you, you know you’ll feel good in it no matter what, and the look is timeless. Camille Charrière from Camille Over the Rainbow shows us what the power of cropped black leather pants, a heathered knit sweater and overcoat can do for those who want to effortlessly dress well. Extrapolate those principles, apply them to interiors and you get Brad Ford’s latest project, a model apartment in Shigeru Ban’s Cast Iron House. Here’s how they both work hand in hand:

  1. A structural element: the black-framed canopy bed by Uhuru serves as an aesthetic foundation from which the rest of the design is built upon, similarly to how Camille’s slim leather pants allow for the rest of her outfit to show volume.
  2. Opt for heathered over flat: a flat colored piece has its place, but generally speaking, adding in pieces that are heathered (in other words have several similar tones in one) add visual interest. Whether its upholstery, a throw, or a sweater, a heathered element creates depth.
  3. Restraint: Gabrielle Chanel was the queen on restraint and good taste. Thankfully street style has gone back to being tempered (few clashes in color and pattern permeate what constitutes “personal style”). Brad Ford’s bedroom similarly shows balance – some symmetry, a palette made of similar tones, and the occasional off-center item.