Late September is full of mixed feelings and aesthetics. We might be excited by the change of season but we still feel the nostalgia of the summer months. This is also true with our choice of fashion: even though we’re excited to snuggle in a cozy sweater, we can’t completely commit to dark winter clothes. The fashion industry is already preparing for their Pre-Spring collections but we are just getting used to the idea that our sun dresses and shorts should be put away. So how do we coordinate this transitional reluctance? Black can always be complimented with feminine tones such as pastel pink.

We spotted this soft sweater on black look a few days ago which instantly made us think of Andre Corrie and Harriet Maxwell of Ochre’s beautiful Soho loft. What’s good for fashion can also work for interiors. Here’s why these two work in similar ways to help those of us who love a bit of edge as well as a dose of femininity find an alluring reconciliation:

1. Black doesn’t have to be drab – mixed with antique mirror and a modern crystal chandelier, black acts as an anchor that doesn’t feel too masculine. Likewise in our inspiration outfit, it serves as a practical tone upon which more whimsical choices can be made. Feminine jewelry and zippers can break up the amount of black.

2. Pastel pink can be equally as edgy – in our latest issue we show that pastels can be modern. In a minimalist sweater or a clean lined chair you’ll bring a dose of femininity that won’t scream country club.

3. Subtle lines have their place – in order to create interest and texture find pieces that have lines to them. In the Soho loft, the soft rug has subtle horizontal lines that add an understated pattern to the space. Similarly the sweater in our inspiration outfit has vertical lines to counteract its baggy shape.