Much like fashion, interior design is not just about the bare bones, it’s about the finishing touches that show you have a sensibility for how a space should look. Anyone can receive the advice from a sales associate and buy a stellar bed, with just the right lamps. But how you put it together matters, don’t let your walls feel neglected. They too require your attention.

You might be bored to tears with the concept of a focal point (can design shows pick something else to talk about?). But when it comes to bedrooms, where you have a mammoth of a piece taking up most of the space, you need to balance it out with some sort of wall feature. Whether you prefer mirrors or artwork, we’ll leave it up to you to decide. There are, however, a few key concepts to keep in mind when you are deciding how it should go. With some great inspiration from our magazine, we’re showing you how to properly style your bedroom walls.