In case you haven’t noticed, we’re really going all out for Valentine’s Day this year. We’re planning elegant dinner parties for our girlfriends while also stocking up for an epic #treatyoself day at home. We just think it’s the perfect excuse to pamper everyone in your life… including yourself!

Even if you think that Valentine’s Day is a contrived holiday invented to boost greeting card sales… well, we’re here to remind you that there are worse things in life than spreading the love. In the spirit of selling those greeting cards, we’ve handpicked 7 of our favorites to send out to your friends, family, sweetheart, and more! From a “Cupid is Stupid” card for your hilarious BFF to a set of time capsule love letters for your significant other… we think there’s something for everyone. As for those matchboxes? We thought they would go great with a scented candle for the Valentine who deserves a little something extra. Which one will you send?

Shop the Story: 1. Heart Blossom Valentine // 2. Love Matchbox // 3. Burnin’ For You Matchbox // 4. Cupid is Stupid Valentine // 5. Time Capsule Love Letters // 6. Salt and Pepper Greeting Card // 7. Hey Girl! Postcard