In life there seems to be a separation between what we appreciate in magazines and what we put into practice in our own homes. We might be enthralled by a feature, maybe even put several images on Pinterest but that’s as far as it gets. This is especially true when we feel we have to be “practical” about our home’s set up. Phrases like “well, I have young kids, I’ll decorate when they are grown” or “I love bold design but I end up making safe choices”, are something we hear a lot from friends and acquaintances. Don’t get us wrong, we completely understand, life can get in the way. But, then a project like Angela Robinson’s Vancouver home comes along and sets a new standard for realistic design.

Her space meshes bold design with family-friendly. It’s both practically and visually appealing. There’s not a lot that can’t be applied to your own place, all you have to do is take a closer look at what she’s put together. Love that incredible mirrored wall feature? It’s just a grid of Ikea mirrors for $29.99 each. She also has included a graphic indoor/outdoor rug, of which we have plenty of affordable resources. That means that it will hold up to any kind of wear, including your kid’s sleep over, or your next late-night gathering. We also love that she hasn’t just injected design into her living room but throughout the whole house – her son’s bedroom and even her guest bathroom (the best place to try your boldest design whims).

We’ve found three big lessons to take from Angela’s space, but there are plenty more. Let us know which ones are your favorites!