In our latest issue we featured a gorgeous NYC project by designer Antonino Buzzetta. It was lavish, it was edgy but it was also a place that you could comfortably live in. We were specifically intrigued by it for that exact reason: how does a family merge its daily needs with their glamorous, cutting edge taste? Turns out that a lot of upholstered surfaces is the key to that question. But beyond that there were many ideas we took from Antonino’s project.

Just like the designer himself, the space flaunted some serious contrasts. Antonino describes himself as a style eclectic – no one style takes over, modern and classic pieces have a place in his aesthetic. With that in mind we were impressed with this Brooklyn based designer’s ability to merge the two for a cutting edge feminine result. Neutrals are punctuated by graphically colorful artwork, bold sofas are paired with sophisticated modern lighting. And the architectural finishes have an equal amount of thought and balance put into them. For more details on this Upper East Side apartment, check out our issue. For three of our best takeaways, take a look at our slide show.