Confession: I am obsessed with whales. While most of my peers browse popular design hashtags at bedtime, I stay up late watching drone videos of humpback whales in Hawaii. I I think it goes back to my childhood, when my family would vacation on the Oregon Coast and we’d see whales migrating towards Alaska. My mother, who had lived in Alaska in her twenties, would tell me these incredible stories about watching the whales play in the bay closest to her home. I was fascinated! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve enjoyed learning about them and am always on the lookout when I’m at the coast. I also find myself wanting to incorporate whales into my home decor. But I have to say, “Nantucket” isn’t really my aesthetic. So, over the years I’ve kept my eyes peeled for mementos that don’t read too beach house, yet will still bring a smile to my face. After all, isn’t that the point of home decor — to make you happy? Here are a few finds.

Shop the Story: 1. Wallpaper // 2. Vintage Brass Whale // 3. Lidded Jar // 4. Art // 5. Pitcher // 6. Knocker // 7. Planter // 8. Shelf