If you are an interior design junkie like we are then you’ve probably heard countless designers talk about how a new coat of paint can completely transform a room. While we definitely stand by that concept, we wanted to introduce a new one: consider other finishes for your walls to achieve a completely unique look. If Pinterest is any indication, these alternative wall finishes are taking over interior design, and if you’ve noticed a trend in your pins of open planned apartments with concrete walls, give your home’s next redesign a bit more out-of-the-box thought.

When it comes down to it, there are so many options to choose from when creating a space. We like to see in our own homes, and in those we feature, design decisions that show bravery and personality. And one of the first places to begin with are your walls. We have three different examples in our slideshow of ways to try different finishes that completely transform the space. Here’s a bit more information on these three looks:

1. Cement walls– although we are obsessed with concrete, it’s important to know that it won’t work in all spaces. Go for it if you have an open plan (preferably modern) apartment or house. For those who love this look but feel timid about attaching concrete boards to their walls, there are two alternative options. Dutch designer Piet Boon has designed a collection of wallpapers that imitate the look of concrete without having to go all in. The second option is applying a venetian plaster finish in industrial gray shades.

2. Wallpaper– this is the most versatile alternative wall finish that is used in interior design. Whether you go for a simple grass cloth or a bold print, wallpaper can add a lot of interest to a room. In our example, it’s used to create a focal point in a room that has very little architectural interest. When it comes to design it’s important to go with what you love, but be mindful of how hard that choice will make other choices in the design process. We prefer wallpaper in bedrooms because it’s easy to keep the other decorating choices, such as bed linens, simple.

3. Brick– ah, wouldn’t we all love to have that perfect high-ceiling apartment with gorgeous exposed brick walls? It seems like it’s every house hunter’s dream to find that inexpensive place with tons of tasteful architectural interest. The reality is that not all of us are blessed with that kind of structural magic. But there is still a way! You can get the exact same look by applying thin brick veneers to your walls, many of which can be painted over if you want the texture but not the color.

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to go for that wall finish that you’ve always wanted and achieve the look that really speaks to you. It might take a little bit more effort than simply buying a can of paint, but we think that the result has a big design pay-off.