You’ve likely spent more time in your kitchen the last few months than ever before. And with social distancing practices in place for the foreseeable future, kitchens will continue to be the hardest working room in the house! You may have noticed that the layout isn’t as functional as you’d like, or that your countertops aren’t holding up as well as you’d like, or that the all-white kitchen you initially loved is lacking any elements of your personal style. If 2020 has caused you to look at your kitchen with a more discerning eye, you’ll want to read these tips from Alison Giese of Alison Giese Interiors before you make any big design changes.

Alison is a skilled designer with the ability to make beautiful yet approachable spaces. When it comes to kitchen design, she has truly mastered the concept of “form meets function.” In the slideshow, she shares 5 tips to make your kitchen a beautiful space you’ll actually want to be.