These days, it seems that a gallery wall is almost a requirement for good design. Each home tour we stumble upon or publish has one version of a gallery wall- big, small, colorful, monochrome… and we love them all! It takes a little fine tuning to make one work in your space, and a lot of creativity and charisma to make it look different from all the rest. One trick we wanted to share comes from our July 2014 issue (#EscapeWithRue), and is a quick way to add dimension to the wall and let your personality shine.

Artist Dana Mooney made her gallery wall three-dimensional by adding a gold wishbone near the base of the wall, and staggering a few prints along the floor. If you view the full wall, you’ll see a circular mirror and a large canvas print- further diversifying the otherwise flat space. We love the result!

If you were to try this in your home, what objects would you add to make the wall 3D? Let us know in the comments below!

EDITOR’S NOTE: If you need tips on how to hang the perfect gallery wall, click here.

Image originally appeared as part of “Studio Tour: Dana Mooney” in our July 2014 issue here