Last month we were lucky enough to feature one of our absolute favorite designer’s home in our International issue. Abigail Ahern‘s home is an enchanting mix of all of the best aspects of design- moody, creative, stylish and cozy. Each corner promises a vignette of furniture and objects that are every bit as unique and as they are enticing. But as much as it’s inspiring to see professional designers’ homes and the beautiful spaces they have put together, sometimes you can be at a loss as to how it all fits together. Who would of thought that a traditional chesterfield sofa would look fantastic next to a quirky neon pink lamp?

To help you understand Abigail’s genius, we’ve taken three of our favorite shots of her home and broken it down to a few essential tips that can translate into anyone’s space. Much like a magic trick, there is logic behind the illusion, and all it takes is a little further understanding to see why it all works. Follow our three steps to make your space just as stylish as Abigail’s.