When we are feeling uninspired with our outfits and wardrobes in the dead of winter, it’s hard to be imaginative. The formula is the same: coat + sweater + slimming pants, and repeat. It gets almost as tiresome as having to commute. But we’re here to shake your typical winter combo up. Instead of navys or blacks or grays, try an all beige outfit like this gorgeous one from Stockholm Street Style that has a very urban Italian feel, almost Brunello Cucinelli-like. The quality of that waist-tied overcoat almost jumps out of the photo at you. So, inspired by this wintery Italian look we found this modern apartment by BRANDO concept, seen on Home Adore.

Here’s how to make it work in an outfit OR a room:

1. Beige in slightly different tones and textures. You don’t have to stick to all white or black to get the most out of a monochromatic color scheme. The best way to show off neutrals is to work with items that are close in shade and have various textures.

2. One knock-out piece. It seems like “buy less, buy quality” rolls off everyone’s tongue whether they mean it or not. But if this outfit doesn’t convince you, who knows what will! A great overcoat that fits like a glove and is truly well made will last you season to season and make even discounted fast-fashion look stylish. Similarly in a home, great flooring will instantly upgrade your furniture. Consider that when you renovate or are searching for a new apartment to rent.

3. Texture is everything. To keep your outfit or room from feeling too simple, a chunky knit scarf or oriental rug in the same tone can add a little needed interest without detracting from the overall look.