Gone are the days when children’s furniture is only available in primary colors made out of MDF-plywood or plastic. Nowadays, you can create a chic child’s room that really showcases their personality. But looking through some of our favorites sources for children’s furniture and accessories, we realized – these would work just as well in our own bedroom as well! (And I’ll admit I have a Land of Nod lamp in my bedroom. Its smaller scale makes it fit perfect into the space.) Even this mobile could be repurposed into a cool hanging sculpture, maybe dangling over a dresser instead of a crib. Add a monstera plant and we’ll move right in!

One thing to remember- pay close attention to scale! That child’s dresser will be far too short to store your own clothes but could work great as a bedside table or a side table in the living room. A little creativity and a whole new world of sourcing opportunities opens up.

What do you say; would you shop the kids’ collections for youself?

1. Rug // 2. Lamp // 3. Mobile // 4. Throw // 5. Basket // 6. Dresser // 7. Pouf // 8. Chair