While women’s fashion seems to change every second, men’s fashion has remained consistent. Of course, there are some styling aspects that change–a t-shirt instead of a shirt, tapered pants versus a regular cut. But no one can deny, that classic menswear somehow still feels fresh. That’s why we’re referencing a classic men’s fall look for the design of a room. We’ve seen a lot of menswear inspired pieces, from tartan chairs and leather trunks and pinstripe sheets. However, we prefer less literal translations. For this month’s outfit to room we’re looking at how Loïc Joachim‘s get-up is the perfect fashion counterpart to a masculine room of browns, burgundies and blacks. Lucky for us, this bedroom is in the Pulitzer Hotel in Barcelona if we want to get in touch with our masculine side.

Here’s how the two have a similar aesthetic:

1. Clean Lines: Although both Loïc’s outfit and the Hotel Pulitzer’s suite have a classic foundation, they are structured by clean simple lines. Whether that’s a cube like four-poster bed or tapered wool pants, these sleek profiles update the look.

2. A Thick Texture: For every smooth surface, there is a counter-acting thick texture. The corduroy throw on the bed has a similar effect as the plaid coat. Both create contrast against smooth and shiny surfaces such as the lounge chair or the Derby Shoes.

3. Bring in Richness: If you are going to have just a few elements make up your outfit or your room, it’s important to go with rich tones and materials. The burgundy shoes just like the reddish toned hardwood floors bring warmth, elegance and depth to the look.