For those who love a minimalist touch or gravitate towards modernist pieces, MENU should already be on your radar. And if not, this article will open up a whole new world of gorgeous product to fill your home with. This Danish company has been giving us iconic pieces, again and again, working with talented designers from around the world. We’re here to give you a taste of their new Spring/Summer collection for this year. And boy is it good!

When we sat down with MENU’s Design Director, Joachim KornbækEngell-Hansen, he told us a little bit about what’s at the heart of their work: “When adding to our collection, we’ve always maintained that a new product should either have a new function, a new material or a new production method in order to become a true MENU product,” he said. “Our design department spends as much time focusing on clever solutions and functional details as they do using their imagination and creativity.” The fact that they are looking for  timelessness based on functionality and aesthetic restraint shows that MENU is amongst the few companies that really get where design is headed. With so many “things” in our homes, on our wish lists, and online… it’s refreshing to see a brand think about creating “classics”.

That said, their SS17 collection has some exciting new introductions: known mostly for their accessories, this time they have quite a few new furniture pieces that they’ve added to the brand, including the “Tailor” Sofa designed by Portuguese designer Rui Alves and the “September” Series by Theresa Arns. Their iconic Leonard Chandelier has been doubled in size to create the new edition called the Chambers Chandelier. To see more of the collection, check out our slideshow!