When it comes to products that have a strictly functional purpose, like an air purifier, the beauty and design is rarely a priority. I’ve always been bothered by that — I struggle with allergies, my husband and I own two cats, and we live in Los Angeles, a town notorious for its poor air quality. I had researched ways to improve the air quality of our home, and came up with two options: bulky, noisy machines or paying thousands to have someone install a filtration system. Since we’re in a rental, the latter wasn’t an option, and since the aesthetic of my home is important to me, the former wasn’t either. 

As if on cue, The Pure Company reached out and wanted to introduce themselves. Founded by an all-female team of healthy living experts, they create air and water purification products for those who value healthy yet beautiful homes. They sent me an air purifier to try in my own home, sure that I’d be happy with the results. 

I unpacked the box and was pleasantly surprised by the sleek, modern design of the purifier. Since it’s so technologically advanced (more on that in a moment), I was expecting to have a giant user manual I’d have to study, but the set up was quick and the display was super easy to use.  It’s lightweight (15 lbs) so I can move it around easily too. As for the specs, the purifier has an odor-killing Activated Carbon Pre-Filter, and it captures pollen, allergens, pet dander and dust. And in addition to that, a True HEPA Filter removes invisible pollutants and bacteria as small as 0.3 microns. You can either set the time and speed yourself, or use the auto-cleaning mode, which detects the air quality in your home and goes from there. And as an added bonus, there’s an option to add aromatherapy using essential oils — something I’d never seen before with an air purifier.

Though I was obviously impressed from the start (especially with how quiet it was!), I wanted to use the purifier for a few weeks before making my final assessment. I had it on for about 2 hours each day, and saw a noticeable change in my home and health. There was less dust in the living space and my allergies weren’t acting up. I found myself wanting to light candles less, and realized it was because my fear of smelling like “a cat house” was now irrelevant. Color me impressed!

Since The Pure Company had obviously achieved their goal of form meeting function, I wanted to learn more and sat down to chat with the company’s president, Cortney Carroll. “I’ve worked in the healthy home space for almost 20 years, and during that time I’ve been surrounded by countless products that are meant to make your home a healthier and happier place” she told me. “But what we began to notice over the years was that even though we knew how useful our products were, we weren’t using them in our own homes because they were overly complicated or because they didn’t fit in with that designed Pinterest scene in our homes that we had spent so long creating.” She gathered with a group of women in the industry to ask three questions: Why don’t we create a line of products that are just as beautiful as they are powerful? Why don’t we make them easy to use? Why don’t we design our products to specifically help with the problems that women tell us they’re facing in their homes?

The Pure Company brought together focus groups, conducted interviews and had genuine conversations with hundreds of women around the country. “Their honest input helped us refine and edit our products,” Cortney recalled. “We went back to them time and again for their feedback, which was really invaluable.” 

Cortney explained that if they wanted to create products that were truly different than anything out there, they needed to operate differently. “We didn’t want to follow the same designs that had always been used, and we didn’t want to approach our customer’s pain points the same way that they’d always been approached,” she said. “By bringing in smart women to solve for these problems, we could reimagine air and water purification in a completely new way.”

A few months ago, my thoughts on at-home air quality were focused on function and function alone. But after discovering and using The Pure Company, I realize that you don’t have to compromise form for function — and vice versa. “I am just repeatedly amazed at how our Large Room Air Purifier is such a multitasker,” Cortney concluded, basically taking the words out of my mouth. “The way it can clear odor from a space is just really impressive. And the aromatherapy function was one of those why didn’t someone think of that sooner? moments.  I honestly can’t imagine not having one in my home now.” 

The Pure Company provided a product for review, but this post is not otherwise sponsored.