For the first time ever, textile designer Caroline Cecil has made her work available to the public. Her eponymous collection has always been sold to the interior design trade, but thanks to a new collaboration with Parachute — we can all shop her gorgeous work!

The Parachute x Caroline Cecil Textiles collection of pillows are produced using 100% Linen and feature a plush feather insert and hidden zipper closure, and are available in two square sizes (18” x 18” and 20” x 20”) and two lumbar sizes (12” x 26” and 14” x 36”). Caroline’s creative process is quite meticulous, which was a perfect match for Parachute’s commitment to quality. We’re chatting with the designer to learn more about her inspiration and how she chose the brand to be her first outlet to the public:

Hi Caroline! What was your inspiration for the collection?
The collection was inspired by Moroccan Minimalism. I gravitated toward that theme as I could envision it working effortlessly with Parachute’s product lines which are predominantly solid. From a print and pattern standpoint I’ve always been captivated with the rich pattern history in Morocco and was excited to work with this theme. Since Parachute’s core bedding assortment is white, grey and neutral, it was natural to work with this type of palette for the collaboration. I also work with these colors in my line of hand printed textiles available by the yard, neutrals and black and white are colors that I naturally gravitate toward.

This is your first collection that’s available to the public. Why did you choose Parachute?
I’ve been following the Parachute brand since its early stages, and I’m also a customer! I met their founder, Ariel Kaye, at a conference and the collaboration unfolded naturally from there. Our brands have a lot in common. We both share a warmed up minimalist aesthetic and infuse a lot of integrity into how everything is made. It was a very fluid collaboration from the start, we all fed off of and supported each other’s ideas. I’m really happy with the quality and look of the pillow collection we created, the pillows were all designed to be styled together and I can’t wait to see how people incorporate them into their homes!

Finally, could you tell us a bit about the creative process? What does one design look like start to finish? 
I’m a big believer in starting the textile design process outside of the computer with sketching, collage and journaling just to loosen things up a bit. For me, my process starts in my journal, moves to a sketch pad, and then into freeform painting with pure black India ink. In art school I had a drawing teacher who impressed upon me the impact the computer can have on artwork. The challenge becomes not letting design programs dictate the line work, hand, etc. of your work. With this in mind, I always paint and paint and paint to refine the design as much as possible before bringing it into the computer. From there it becomes an exploration of repeat composition, scale and color-ways. It’s amazing how much scale and color impact a repeating pattern so for me it’s the most inspiring stage.

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