Good design is about adding in layers, turning a well-designed room into an exceptional room. To give your space that visual depth, it’s important to create architectural character, and there’s nothing like shiplap to carry that mission through. A unique design feature, shiplap operates in two ways: on the one hand, it makes a room feel more architecturally interesting and complete. And on the other hand, it transmits a sense of casual warmth.

However, installing those sorts of interior finishings can be daunting, you might feel like it would require a large budget or a skilled technician. Although, that usually is the case we wanted to share with you Metrie as a fantastic resource. Their Metrie Complete Pre-painted Shiplap is revolutionary for those of us that what instant results without the huge investment. With just measuring, cutting and installing, no paintbrushes needed, you can transform a room over a weekend.

Head to our slideshow to see 5 of our top ways that you can transform your space using Metrie’s Pre-Painted Shiplap.