Shopping local doesn’t just do a world of good for the community, it also gives us a unique experience as customers. With Small Business Saturday coming up this November 24th, we’re focusing on why it’s best to shop for lighting in-person at a brick-and-mortar lighting and décor store near you. We’ve enlisted the advice of lighting sales experts to give us the lowdown on why choosing to shop in-person, rather than digitally, can be a completely different (and better experience). Here are their top five reasons:

  1. See how the fixture is transformed by light: “Lighting done correctly is transformative. It creates a mood, energy, and experience. But if you get it wrong, you can end up with harsh glares, dark shadows, and an overall unwelcoming space.” – Meggan Wilson, Cardello Electric Supply & Lighting.
  2. Lighting can get pretty technical: “Showroom sales associates offer insight on the latest style and design trends, recommended light sources, lamp and dimming requirements, and general 101 with selection and sizing a whole home of fixtures.” – Rich Ryan, Western Region Manager, Hinkley Lighting
  3. Eliminate the possibility that you won’t like it: “Almost every room of your home needs lighting. You should like the type of light provided by the fixture, and there may be possibilities you’re not thinking about. For example, you might not realize that a canned recessed light can be swapped for a beautiful soft-glowing pendant. A lighting showroom associate can assist with providing these types of alternative ideas.” Mendee Williams, Lighting Design
  4. Any issues can be resolved for you: “Stores can be a ‘go to’ for assistance when something goes wrong – returning fixtures (in the case of buyer’s remorse), replacement of parts, repairs, and exchanges.” – Karyn Hayes, Showroom Sales Manager, North America, Hinkley Lighting
  5. Shopping in person gives the experience dimension: “Buying lighting online is a task, but buying lighting in person is an experience. Everything just sparkles. You’ll find yourself drawn to fixtures you might not have considered otherwise.” – Meggan Wilson, Cardello Electric Supply & Lighting.

These 5 reasons make a compelling case for purchasing lighting in-person at a brick-and-mortar. It’s important to be thorough with important design decisions and to make sure that your investment of time and money is well spent so that you’re not hiring an electrician to come to your house repeatedly before ultimately returning the fixture in the mail. Who wants to be waiting in the long holiday lines at the Post Office?!

For indoor and outdoor fixtures, we’re big fans of Hinkley that offers a wide variety of styles and types of lighting. Check out their showroom finder to see where you can shop local. And for those who still love to do everything online, check back soon to see their new site revamp!