If anything is true of the past few years, it’s that there are numerous companies disrupting their industries. From Everlane to Warby Parker, innovators are coming in to bring high quality product at a more reasonable price. Fast forward to 2017 to find a new company, Arlo Skye, changing the game for high-end suitcases. The founders Denielle Wolfe, Mayur Bhatnagar and Mauricio Issa Llano each were experts in their respective field, with Mayur having worked at Louis Vuitton on the buisness end and Denielle at Tumi as a bag designer. Disappointed with the quality of bags in their budget and unwilling to pay up to a $1000 on a top quality bag, they saw an opportunity to fill the gap. And this turned into a great opportunity for the rest of us! Here’s why you’ll be lusting after Arlo Skye’s Carry-On:

1. The aluminum alloy shell is 2.3 times stronger than your typical hard case polycarbonate shell. That means that if the jerk in aisle 10 jostles your bag around, you can be sure that all will stay intact.

2. It has a retractable USB charge. If you are traveling around the world, or are simply going to be sending a lot of emails during your flight, you’ve got a power back up right there with you. And the best thing is that you can take it out, so if you forgot your adapter on your trip to London, your phone can charge right next to your bed.

3. The lining is anti-odor. Okay, so we try to pretend sometimes that life is perfect and everything smells like roses. If you got caught out in the rain and your shoes aren’t smelling so fresh, you don’t have to worry that your suitcase will be smelling like wet leather from then onward.

4. No outer zipper. Broken zippers, your silk dress caught when you were zipping your bag up… need we say more?

5. Whisper quiet wheels. When you are walking from one terminal to the next the absence of sound from your bag’s wheels will make heads turn.

And lastly, for a top-of-the line bag that is basically on par with brands like Rimowa, $550 is pretty revolutionary.