Just a scroll through Instagram or flipping through your favorite shelter magazine, you’ll encounter a myriad of stunning spaces designed for the holidays: a tree with thousands of glass ornaments, a sea of candles dotted around the living room… It may be right in an editorial context but likely wouldn’t fare well in real life with children, pets, and people. We want our homes to be filled with holiday cheer, but we don’t want to end up like the Griswolds – a tree on fire and the electricity short-circuited.

Although we want to bring in some of those crucial holiday elements – greenery, lighting, and soft textures – we are also fed up with having to beat the rush every year for a live tree that may look beautiful but sheds needles; or having to untangle twenty feet of Christmas lights only to find out that several bulbs are not working. Who needs more added to their plate?! Today, we’re sharing some of our expert tips on how to create that holiday magic in your home while not having to break much of a sweat (both through too much effort in setting it up or worry over accidents happening). Head to our sideshow for five of our top practical and high-style holiday decorating tips