This week we launched our spring issue which was all about inspiring and helping you make improvements in your home. We shared with you a tour of the offices of Grow Marketing hopefully have convinced you that office decor does not have to begin and end with plastic. There’s a lot you can do to bring in personality, comfort, and positivity to your work place. We also helped you do a bit of shopping with our four trends of the season. We were considering those of us that live in rentals or have homes with dated kitchens and bathrooms with little to no budget. Yeah, we feel ya.

That said, here are few more items to get you even more inspired for a home and wardrobe update.

We believe that spring is the season to invest in quality pieces. There is no other upholstery like leather that will take your dollars and go that extra mile. But this time, we found a few items that make leather look fresh (nope not your dad’s century old recliner that he refuses to get rid of).

Then we took you on a feminine and whimsical ride with fashion and home pieces inspired by butterflies. Whether it is in store windows, cafe design, or as a go-to prints on the runway, we’ve been seeing butterflies everywhere. As an accent piece, this motif can be a fun addition to your outfit or your bedroom.

For those who are considering renting a room at a hotel for a night just to have a luxurious shower experience, we’re helping you bring that spa vibe into your own home with these stylish bathroom pieces.

Finally, we helping put the finishing touches on your space with stylish hardware. Sure, you can just get the plastic one from the store around the corner, but it’s these sorts of details that can make your home look that much more polished.

Shop the Story: 1. Tray // 2. Toilet Paper Holder // 3. Pillow // 4. Pull // 5. Toothbrush // 6. Print // 7. Chair