We all want to be more creative and most importantly more productive with that creativity. We might fantasize about a beautiful workspace as the ideal tool to be that creative person we want to be. But the truth is, it’s not just that big pile of clutter on your desk that is stunting your free thinking – it’s also your computer and phone related issues that are standing in the way.

We’ve tried and tested some of the top apps for organization to come up with our list of our favorite 4 apps that will turn your digital chaos into a realm of prettily categorized ideas, checklists and daily musings.

Let’s get started!

Unroll.me should be your first download. The most organized amongst us probably set a day once a month to unsubscribe from those annoying email lists and publicity. It takes forever. But with Unroll.Me getting rid of unwanted emails is easy. In the app, log into your email and swipe left for each email subscription you no longer want. This is not only useful to free up your inbox, it’s also seriously satisfying.

Paper is a beautiful app that is addictive. For those of us who have random thoughts or come across something inspiring on our walks in the city, Paper allows you to create folders to keep those ideas. You can take a picture and draw on it to make notes of something particular you want to highlight. Or make mini-checklists next time you are heading to the hardware store.

My Wonderful Days is a quick daily journal app. Write a quick note about what’s on your mind. For every post you can state your happiness level which it then keeps on a graph. So you can see how you’ve been feeling on a larger scale and keep track of those little moments that elude you when you try to think back to them months later.

Tick Tick is a great app for to-do lists. These types of apps are really personal — each one of us has preferences for how to-do lists should perform — but we loved this app for its simplicity and helpfulness. You can create different categories for different lists and set up reminders for particular to-dos. And the best thing is that you can change the app’s theme color so it works for those who like bright colors as well as those that like to keep things simple and neutral.