Entryways are the opening paragraph of the rest of your home. It sets the tone, it tells us what to expect, and showcases style right away. You may have worked hard on getting your bedroom just right to make it a restful space (props to you!) but if the very first space that you experience as you enter your home is lack-luster, you are missing a great design opportunity.

An entryway should practical (have a bench, a console, a hook) to place daily essentials, but it should also be clutter-free and true to your style. Think about creating a story, one that can easily be captured in one photograph and each elements speaks of you and your household. If you gravitate towards a more farmhouse feel, add in unfinished woods and more classic silhouettes. If you love a bit of drama, go for a black framed mirror or console. The options are endless, but to get you started, here are 10 of our top picks for creating a stylish entryway!

Shop the Story: 1. Flushmount // 2. Mirror // 3. Hurricanes // 4. Sheepskin Throw // 5. Light Switch // 6. Lamp // 7. Baskets // 8. Tray // 9. Bench // 10. Hook