Office are all about optimization and even your home office should be place for efficiency. In most cases, this is about cranking out emails without getting distracted by your favorite design blogs. (Ahem, guilty as charged.) In this case, however, we’re talking about maximizing something else – that space above your desk. Having something special there can make a long day just a little bit nicer. If above your desk is bare or in need of a refresh, here are our tips for making your desk work for you.

Add inspiration. Whether clipboards, a cork board and push pins, or a magnetic board make a place you can keep inspiration for current projects right in front of you. Being able to visualize your goals is a great way to keep on track.

Color coordinate. Even if above your desk is a calendar and to-do lists, pick out fun sticky notes that coordinate with your room to make it feel a little more pulled together. We promise it makes those 15 items you need to get done before Thursday just a little more manageable!

Use the desk as a shelf. If you aren’t ready to put a hole in the wall, you can prop framed artwork right on your desk. This puts it right at eye level while you are working and lets you easily swap it out whenever you want.

Think 3D. Walls aren’t just for flat art. Be practical and consider adding in shelving or dream big and go for a funky sculpture.

We’ve selected ten of our favorite hard-working workspaces. Click through the gallery for more how-to tips and tricks!