Artist Caroline Z Hurley is known for her many talents, but more recently- her unique block printed textiles have taken over. As a result, her tiny West Village apartment has begun to serve as a gallery of sorts. Mixing her own work with that of her friends, this space has become home to some of the coolest 3D gallery walls we’ve ever seen.

While it’s no secret that we love a traditional gallery wall, we’re smitten with this concept because it’s such a change of pace. It adds dimension, texture, and interest to an otherwise dull surface, and totally changes the look & feel of the entire room. If the fabric allows, you can hang it with a complementary washi tape. Or, using very tiny nails, pin the top two corners and let the rest of the fabric drape down. The most important thing to remember is sizing. While we all remember the college dorm that had tie-dye sheets on the walls, this trick is better suited for smaller pieces that will play off of your existing furniture and art.

And hanging textiles on the wall isn’t the only trick we want to try! Our friends at Popsugar Home recently shared their favorite ways to decorate with scarves. We admit… we love it all!

Image originally appeared as part of our February 2014 issue here.